What is a Land Survey?

Simply put, a survey of land is a map showing the location of real property. It may also show other features such as physical improvements, recorded local lot and zoning data, topography of the land, etc.

Do I need my corners marked?

When you are purchasing your property, the lender may require a survey. You have the right to have your corners marked as a part of us preparing the survey plan. Or you have the right to not have them marked. To mark the corners is an additional expense above the normal survey costs. Your home/property may be the single largest investment of your life. We recommend you have your corners marked as part of your survey.

What is a Corner Marker Waiver?

The "waiver" is a form that gives you the right to waive the marking of your property corners at an additional expense as a part of your survey. In the event you decide that you do not want the corners of your property marked as a part of your survey, we are required by law to obtain a signed "waiver" from you prior to performing our survey.

Why do I need a survey?

There are many reasons for a survey which include but are not limited to:

  • In order to mark the boundary of your property‚Ķfor a fence/landscaping, etc.
  • To determine the topography of the land for drainage purposes.
  • Sometimes the local municipality will require a survey for any proposed changes to the property.
  • In order to subdivide the land.
  • In many instances, prior to buying a property, the lender will require a survey in order to show all physical improvements and possible discrepancies with the boundary of the land.

These are just a few of the more common reasons…there are many more.